My favorite Men’s Product after 3 Years of Use

First off I’d like to qualify myself.

  1. I’m a hairstylist
  2. I’m a guy
  3. I have hair
  4. I know how to style it

There. That’s all you need to know.

I have tried probably 30 different men’s products in my own hair and more than that in the hair of my client and I always seem to come back to ADH Dry as my cure all.

@andrewdoeshair says the product is “a lightweight, pliable, water based cream with a remarkably matte finish” on his website but I have found it behaves more like a solid base salt spray. It allows for light hold in the hair while still creating a movable separation in the mix that I haven’t found in anything else.

The major thing about my hair that causes me to always go back to ADH Dry (my last deviation was Kevin Murphy’s Nightrider) is that it is fine yet dense. This means that there is a lot of hair to style but it tends to fall limp with the slightest weight to a product. Why ADH Dry sets itself apart is that while other products use hold to obtain lift in the hair, ADH Dry allows for a blow-dryer to create the lift. Rather, it focuses on creating separation and doesn’t weigh the hair back down. Anything with too much hold in my hair makes it look see through and thread bare. The matte finish of ADH dry gives it no shine so my hair constantly looks like it was blown into place.

To top it all off, it’s made in small batches in the USA. Good on you Andrew. Keep making awesome stuff.

If you’re interested in trying it, buy it here.

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