Light Affects Color

One thing I usually take notice of is how lighting affects color. This lovely lady has natural highlights throughout her whole head but the concentration of lightness is towards the end. Inside it looks like an ombre. But outside, this almost copper tone comes out and brightens the entire thing making it look much more uniform. I love the idea of live customization in hair. In the age of social media, you might get 5 plus pictures of yourself a day. So just think what happens when you give a client the knowledge of how to change their own hair color simply based on where they stand. I don’t think we only a teachers of hair concepts. We can be teachers of total perception and look, educating on how light, clothing, style, and aesthetic can affect a total look. But enough about that, look at the pretty hair and have a good day. If you check out above, look what happens to her color as she turns into the light and then away from it. Rad

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